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We work on virtually all modern Marlin lever action rifles, and will provide all customers with the quality and service they deserve.
As a federally licensed FFL (07) & SOT holder, I can handle the manufacture and transfer of your project for you.
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Handcrafted in the USA
Much of the work performed on your rifle is done by hand. Some of it is done on one of the three milling machines or two lathes in the shop. I go to great pains to source parts & materials from the USA.
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Before the rifle leaves the shot it is test fired for functionality and sighted-in at our private range. If you have iron sights and optics, we will shoot it with both.
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Customer Service is Our #1 Priority

We are dedicated to our clients and aren't happy until you're happy.

Your experience with us is of the utmost importance. We strive to respond quickly, kindly, and effectively.

Team of Professional Combat Veterans

All our trainers are with a massive military, security service, and law enforcement background.

You can sign up for private lessons too in case you are in a hurry to level up your shooting skills and practice.

The 1895G rifle is absolutely fantastic! I could not be happier! An amazing job, not only did you have to fix the errors the other gunsmiths did, but you did the work correctly the first time and ahead of schedule. That is hard if not impossible to get in this world today.

Robert M.


I just received my 1894SS Brush Hawg that you completed for me. I just want to thank you for the smooth transition and take the time to say…WOW!…what a beautiful job on this rifle! This is now my absolutely favorite forearm and it will be a treasured heirloom in my family for many years to come.

Bob C.


Picked up the rifle Friday and it looks outstanding.  This is my favorite of the three you have built for me.  The finish on the stocks is exceptional.  I ran a few rounds through it this weekend and it functioned flawlessly as well as being extremely accurate.  Thanks for another fine rifle.

Tracy K.

What Our Clients
Say About Us

We appreciate and value our clients` opinion greatly. We aspire to perfection by sharpening our training skills and improving the training facilities. Your feedback matters a lot to us and helps become better.

Your attention to detail is remarkable! You and your shop are first class, in business and in your work. I appreciate your time and patience in answering my questions before the work was started, and since this is the second rifle you have worked on for me, I can’t wait to send you another.

Robert M.

Picked up my new toy (45/70) from my FFL about 2 PM .Went straight home unpacked and cleaned it. Went out in my yard and started annihilating a gallon milk jug from 50 yards out. I started with a hand load for a BFR 45-70 revolver 15.5 gr. of Trail Boss and a 300 gr. Cast Performance bullet (1200 fps). Mild and no kick. Shot groups 1″. Next load 31.2 gr. H4198 ,300 gr. Cast performance, 5 shots in 1 1/2″ group 1400 FPS mild recoil . Final group was with 55 gr. Varget ,350 gr. Hornady jacketed round nose, 5 shots in 1″, 1800 fps moderate recoil. Super Slick action, handy size, and great workmanship. All groups were shot standing and offhand (no rest or bench). To say I am pleased is a complete understatement. I own 10 terrific lever guns, all reworked by top flight gunsmiths and this is number one by a mile. Can’t wait for the 1894 44 mag to ship.

J. Slater