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How Grizzly Custom Guns Began

After moving from Arizona to Columbia Falls, Montana mid-year, Grizzly Custom Guns was opened in late 2007. At that time Grizzly was building custom 1911’s, bolt rifles, shotguns, and lever actions, by all different manufacturers. After three years, and after being encouraged by several customers and industry professionals, Lew decided to specialize in Marlin lever action rifles. Not only does he enjoy working on Marlins, he likes interacting with their owners. If you have an issue with a factory rifle, or one from another shop, Grizzly can most likely get it working again.

Most of the work in the shop consists of custom rifle builds. As such, it is very difficult to predict how long each one will take. Please be patient, I am taking as long as it takes to build the current rifle as I will on yours. While working on these projects, it is sometimes necessary to come up with unique solutions to unforeseen problems. This may also lead to the development of new parts. All of this takes time.

It is our goal to always have a satisfied customer at the end of a project. Not just meeting but exceeding their expectations.


Our Staff

Meet the people who build your customizations.

Lew Bonitz

CEO, Founder

Jennie Belston

Office Administrator