The Backpacker (SBR)

An extremely short, fast-handling custom lever-action rifle complete with custom leather sling. An excellent choice for whatever is chasing you in the brush. This package, and many other modifications, can be performed on virtually any modern Marlin lever action center-fire rifle (1894, 1895, 336). This package does NOT include optics or the customer-provided rifle.

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Package modifications and parts include the following on your donor rifle:
  • Shorten and re-crown barrel at 11 inches, or whatever the customer requires
  • Shorten magazine tube
  • Silver-solder magazine tube & forend hangers to barrel
  • 8-40 screw conversion on magazine tube hanger
  • Install mag tube flush to muzzle
  • Convert mag tube to 1895 style mount
  • Custom ghost ring sight system with ramped front sight
  • Premium quality dovetail fill to replace factory rear sight
  • Custom enlarged lever loop, if desired
  • Complete action dehorning
  • Smooth loading & ejection ports, inside and out
  • Modify loading gate for easier loading
  • Pic Rail for Red Dot or other optic
  • Extensive action smoothing
  • Stainless steel follower
  • Trigger job on factory components
  • Bobbed hammer
  • Bed stocks
  • Through-bolt stock retention system
  • Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad @ 13.5″ LOP
  • Custom padded “Slimline” leather sling
  • GrovTec “Made in USA” sling swivels
  • Satin matte metal prep
  • Cerakote finish in satin black
  • Test ammunition
  • Test fired & sighted-in
  • ATF paperwork as required for transfer


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