1894 Semi-Auto Pistol Carbine in 10mm Auto – No Longer Available

The Grizzly Custom 1894 Semi-Auto Pistol Carbine conversion in 10mm Auto is now available on your Marlin 1894 donor rifle. This is due in no small part to the folks at Ranger Point Precision (RPP). RPP was the originator of the process I am using. They have decided to focus on creating and selling quality aftermarket parts instead of building custom rifles, and were kind enough to share their secrets. After several telephone discussions, I had the please of spending a long weekend at their shop to familiarize myself with the conversion process. So, if you need a lever gun chambered to match your favorite semi-auto, now is your chance! This package does NOT include the customer-provided rifle.

Due to the required bolt face size for the 10mm cartridge, the donor 1894 rifle should be chambered in either .357 Magnum or .32-20. As part of the conversion process, virtually every internal part of the Marlin is modified.

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Package modifications and parts include the following on your donor rifle:
  • New stainless or chrome-moly barrel, cut to 16.25″
  • Receiver threads are reamed and recut oversize, in-line with the bolt, and the receiver face is trued
  • New barrel is threaded to match the new, oversize, receiver threads; chambered; headspaced; polished feed ramp; extractor slot cut
  • Crown barrel with 11° target crown
  • Bolt is modified for new controlled-round feeding
  • Carrier is modified to accommodate shorter round
  • Timing is adjusted for proper round handling
  • Ejector moved forward for shortened stroke (no external evidence of this modification)
  • New extractor installed and modified for proper feeding & extraction
  • New lift profile is cut into the control blade of the lever
  • New lever stop installed on the trigger plate
  • Extensive action tuning to feed and eject smoothly
  • Lever & receiver are modified for short-stroke operation
  • Trigger job, crisp 3# pull
  • Full-length mag tube is installed
  • XS Sights ghost-ring rear sight installed
  • XS Sights ramped front sight w/ high-visibility insert installed
  • Barrel & mag tube finished to match rifle
  • Test fired and sighted-in at 50 yards


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